2004-06-19 - 12:41 p.m.

Random Thought:

Okay, here's a breakdown (in short)...

Monday (a.k.a. D-Day): Mom comes in, asks me to do the dishes, then goes to take a nap. A little while later, I hear the dishes being done, so I went in and said something about it. She snapped, and kicked me out. Had absolutely no where to go, so I decided to just drive as far as my dad's beat up old truck would take me. Stopped by brother's shop to say goodbye. Vaguely recall conversation that ensued. Was told "hours are 10-6, so come up whenever." Left. Got voicemail on cell phone. "This is your mother. It's [insert some time I don't remember here]. You're in the old truck. Come home as soon as you get this." Went home. Insert a stupid amount of hyperventalating and crying, and you'll have a vague sketch of the entire situation.

Tuesday-Friday: Unhooked computer from Home Base every morning, and went into shop to "work". Read: I get to sit up there, and help out whenever there's a need, but I don't get paid unless I do the usual Web design stuff. Finally talked to Mom about D-Day. Was apparently a very bad knee-jerk reaction to her inability to control the situation with Aunt Psycho.* Thus, became emotional dart board. Went to talk to g'mother. Told her Mother was stepping off that merry-go-round.

Today: Tried to sleep late, no such luck. Phone in room + Ringing incessantly = Wake Up! Obliged. 'Twas g'mother, who left message. Very, very upset. Aunt Psycho* again. Taking her to ER. Don't upset Mother. Second message from Silver. Yelled something into phone. I called him back first. He asked if I could get there faster than he could. No brushed teeth, no clothes, no shoes... not enough care. Um, no. Mom came home about half an hour later. Filled her in. She called Silver on his cell. They'd taken her to local doctor, who called for Ambulance. Mom = Relieved. Took her up there (with the promise that she was not upset, and would not get that way). Went to Gigi's. No one home. Came back here. Am now on phone duty.

*Aunt Psycho fell down about 2 weeks ago and hit her head hard enough to blacken her eyes. But she was fine--out driving, and doing her normal stuff. Sometime after that, she supposedly fell again. This time, she bruised her entire face. Dingy said it looked like she'd fallen flat on her face, and smashed it. >_<

Then Monday (D-Day, mind you), she called my g'mother to say that she was "going to sleep for a very long time." This freaked G'mother out, so she went over there to take her something to eat. The woman was sitting in her bedroom floor. Just sitting there, apparently, and slid on her butt into the living room to take a sip of the Coke my g'mother had brought her. My g'mother tried to get her to let her take her to the doctor, but she refused. So, she called my mom. Mom went over there and tried to talk to her, too, but she still refused. So, they left.

Then Mom came home and wigged out on me. Everything seemed to calm down after that, but then this morning, she apparently fell again, and this time, she managed to cut herself up in the process. So, g'mother called Nathan to help her load her in the car and take her to the doctor's office. Doctor ran blood tests, which of course showed the alcohol. Plus, her eyes are yellow, which is obviously liver-related. If you know anything about alcoholism, you know what that means. Or what it could mean.

Gigi just called, crying her eyeballs out. She'd just gotten the messages from my g'mother and my note, and no one was answering at her mother's house. So, I told her what was going on, and she's now on her way over to the hospital.

Just another day.

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